Interactive diagram 'Outopos' (a part of the Bunkier Sztuki collection) has been made as a hypertext structure that combines graphics, text and animation. In its structure it represents a concept grid into which the issue of utopia has been entered as a paradoxical ‘non-place’ (outopos). Virtual space seems to be the natural habitat of modern reflection on utopia, in a sense entering the framework of a multidimensional construct with characteristics of a new (better?) world. Constant transformation is one of the features of the diagram – through penetrating the multilayered tissue of the diagram and analysis of numerous references and conceptual relationships, the users themselves can affect the shape of the work, in more than merely its graphic dimension. This diagram, with infinite possibilities for interpreting it, easily draws the viewers in to create their own associations and (utopian) projects.

To see the whole project please visit: bunkier.art.pl/outopos

Project Curator: Karolina Vyšata
Collection Curator: Anna Lebensztejn