Corpus Delicti

The 'Corpus Delicti' is a catalogue of surreal objects, a presentation of material evidence of artistic transgression by Walerian Borowczyk. This is a visual essay, drawing on the output of psychoanalysis and theoretical writings by André Breton, as well as a book-object referring to the elaborate 19th-century prayer books and 18th-century illustrated libertine novels.
In his article 'Crisis of the Object' (1936), Breton argued the need to create surreal objects that could become the antidote for thoughtless, automatic perception of everyday objects. He claimed that the 'mutation of function' of objects, their use to create puzzles of perception and interpretation, enables them to regain the gravitas they deserve. The 'object revolution' Breton postulated is accomplished is Borowczyk’s films – in films by the creators of 'Goto – Island of Love', objects cast off their ordinary functions, emancipate the plot and take control of the onscreen world. The book was published in Polish, French and English.

Authors: Jakub Mikurda, Jakub Woynarowski
Collaboration: Jakub Majmurek
Publisher: New Horizons Association (in partnership with: Korporacja Ha!art)