In the Air, Ashore and on the Sea

The installation relates to history of the Central Industrial District and Stalowa Wola City - last of the Polish cities which was designed and built from the ground before 1939. Location of settlement inside the forest raised not only aesthetics of the living space - it also make easy a camouflage in case of the enemy attack. In the history of Stalowa Wola plait so two fundamental plots which in the symbolic way can achieve also to global history of the human civilisation: confrontation of wild nature and modern technology and collision of technological utopia with a war machine. This fight of elemental powers perfectly gives back the tense formulation coming from the pre-war slogan: "In the air, ashore and on the sea". In these words resounds an immemorial ambition of the man, to gain control over the world, and at the same time a threat on the side of difficult to curbing inhuman forces.