(project created in cooperation with Jakub Skoczek and Mateusz Okoński, work in progress)

The project named with the code "13" is focused on formal analisys of the visual language created as a part of conspiratorial actions organized in the 1980s by polish anti-communist trade union "Solidarity". Project "13" is a curatorial experiment in which the act of isolating the signs from their original context is an attempt to return to the original authors' strategy of "recycling" signs and objects related to local cultural context. The intention of project's authors is the study of relations between various elements of the set and the tensions that organize perception of the code, resulting from the multiplicity of channels of distribution and social contexts of its functioning (generating tension between elitism and egalitarianism), diversity of visual narration's forms (text - sign - symbol - object), communication strategies (from informational to emotional communication) and the opposing poetics (pathos - black humor).